Monday, 11 January 2016

Manic. Monday: Speckled hen? NO, Speckled egg!

Despite being an avid reader of all the glossy fashion and beauty magazines you can find on the shelves in the supermarket, and being fairly aware of the current trends, in the end I've always "done my own thing". Today's nail polish in the first Manic Monday of the year, is the perfect example of that.

After this season's berry colours, glitzy black and gold designs, and vivid pop art looks I wanted something completely different to really put the Christmas season back in its box and when rummaging through my polsish stash I rediscovered this little gem from 2014. It's Models Own Speckled Egg Nail Polish (£4.99) which is a more affordable option to the Illamasqua polish that was flying off the shelves faster than you could say Speckled hen.... no sorry, I meant Speckled egg!
Models Own Speckled Egg - Duck Blue

Speckled Egg was released for Spring / Summer and  it's a lovely fresh and fun pastel based range with dark specks in different sizes, creating an eyecatching egg shell look. It's available in 4 colours where the base is either; dusky pale pink (Dove Pink), pale watery lilac (Swan Lilac), grassy muted yellow (Goose Yellow) or subtle sky blue (Duck Blue). My favourite is definitely the Duck Blue since the other colours in the range are a bit too muted, and the contrast with the speckles shows up the best. 

Like many of the Model's Own nail polishes, the formula is quite thin (but not too runny) and you do need several layers to get an opaque look and to get the optimal effect of the specks, and in the photo I've actually used 4 layers. On the otherhand each layer comes on streak free and the polish dries very quickly which means you don't have to wait around too long in between the layers, and once they've set there's no smudging, ruining the effect. The brush is of average width and is very pliable with a flat even tip, making it easy to work with avoiding messing up the cuticles.Unfortunately with that many layers of polish the finish is always going to be sensitive to any bump or scratching which will easily flake it and make it peel, which is why I wasn't surprised when it only lasted 3 days before it started to come off. Although it probably only took 1 minute to remove because of the thickness of the layering - it came off in one piece by simply gently peeling it off the nail.  
Even though it's an oldie, I still love this look and if like me you enjoy different nail polish effects, it's a must try - if nothing else, plan ahead and put it on your list of getting for Easter!


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