Sunday, 18 August 2013

Manic.Monday: In the pink

In my previous Manic.Monday posts I've been looking at the trends for A/W 2013 and connected what's happening on the catwalks with nail polishes, and today is no exception and we'll be looking at pink. What comes to mind when you think about pink is probably that it's a typically girly spring or summer color, but this A/W we'll also see a lot of stylish pink in strong feminine silhouettes and tailoring, but not just in pastel pink - there'll be rose, magenta, cerise, salmon, coral and nude as seen on Prada, DKNY, Jonathan Saunders and Roksanda Ilincic. So, let's not be limited to baby pink - we can all find a shade of this glorious color that suits us the best, and the color I've chosen for this post is Maybelline Color Show in Pink Bikini.

Pink Bikini is a wonderful vibrant mix of magenta and deep pink that's ladylike but that also packs a little bit more of a punch. When I first opened the bottle I had my reservations since the gel based formula ("innovative chip resistant, according to the product description) seemed thinner than the other Maybelline polishes I've tried. But it turned out to be easy to apply evenly, it dries quickly and you get a wonderful opaque look after 2 coats that lasts 3-4 days before you need to touch it up. As usual I have a top coat on in the pic, but the polish does have a lovely shine to it anyway. If you haven't browsed the Maybelline Color Show range yet, have a nail polish date this weekend and go have a look. They have a superb range of shades from vibrant to nude, opaque to shimmery and at such a purse friendly price, I can definitely see myself getting a few more of them soon. 
Maybelline - Pink Bikini

Even though I have a fairly impressive collection of nail polishes, you don't see a lot of pure pink in there since I've never really been big into wearing pink nails. But I even surprised myself with how much I enjoyed wearing this stand out shade, and I kept looking at my nails getting cheered up by the lovely deep rose pink hue, and I also thought it went really well with any type of outfit. So now that I'm in the pink, it'll be what I'm wearing at least some days this A/W!
Prada A/W Collection 2013


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    1. Hi Jasmine - thank you so much, it's got a bit of a punch, but I really like it :O). Xx

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks a million, it's like continuing summer into A/W :O). Xx

  3. this is a lovely colour on you! i didn't used to wear much pink either but lately I find myself more drawn to the bright cheerful shades of it :)

    1. That's so lovely of you, thank you very much :O)! Xx


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