Saturday, 13 July 2013

Jasmin Rouge by Tom Ford

I LOVE perfume, and scents in general are very important to me. I can't get enough of it - different scents for different occasions. Perfume, EdT, deodorants, body lotions and candles - I genuinely need fragrance. Scents stimulate me and in best case scenario they create an elated sense of well being, pure harmony - I'm invincible! In worst case scenario they can actually make me feel sick. People remember things in different ways, and I have a very strong olfactory memory (and I didn't just make that word up). This means that I actually remember things by way of smell. Certain smells automatically triggers a memory that can go back a loooooong time but I can also deliberately conjure up a scent and that in turns triggers a memory - it is truly fascinating.

A scent that epitomizes harmony and well being for me, is jasmine. For this reason I have tried many different perfumes that claim to have jasmine as one of their middle or base notes - the scents that make up the main theme of a fragrance and that is left developing and lingering after the initial spray, but I have always been disappointed. That is until I found Jasmin Rouge by Tom Ford.

I have never before come across such a pure, stimulating, complete and well rounded jasmine smell. It's a warm, sensual and daring statement with lots of energy, spice and sweetness but still soft and intensely feminine, without being intrusive, over powering or sickly sweet.

As far as I'm concerned Tom Ford can do no wrong, and I am seriously in love with this EdP. I just can't get enough of it - it is a very warm and womanly fragrance that is timeless & sophisticated, as well as inspiring and hopeful for the future. 

Dedicated to Malala Yousafzai - a flower amongst thorns
(please click the link to see Malala's inspiring speech about education for women at the UN)


  1. I REALLY want to buy something from Tom Ford, everything looks so nice. Apparently their lipstick is nice too.

  2. I know!!!! The whole range looks very luxurious, but comes at a price as well... :)

  3. This sounds absolutely amazing!!

    -Maddy @

  4. For me it's the best and I wear it both during the day and evening. You should definitely try it :)


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