Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Liebster award

So today's post is going to be a bit different from what I usually do, but I'm very excited about doing it and I hope you'll find it fun as well. This post is the Liebster Award, and you may have seen it on a few other blogs already but since I've been nominated by some lovely people (Thank you to Liz Breygel, Shubha from Blue Velvet Addict and Devon from Twitch's world!!!) out there in blogiverse, I'm so happy to join in!

If you haven't seen the Liebster Award before - it's aimed at bloggers who have fewer than 200 followers, and I think it's a wonderful initiative to get to know more blogs and the creative people behind them.

This is how it works: 
1. Each person must post 11 things about themselves.
2. Answer the questions that the tagger set for you plus create 11 questions for the people you've tagged to answer.
3. Choose 11 people and link them in your post.
4. Go to their page and tell them.
5. No tag backs!

Some of the questions I got are very similar and I did mix things up a little bit to cover 11 questions from everyone - so here we go:

Questions for little ol' ME: 
1. At what age did you start to use makeup?
- I started experimenting with make up when I was around 14. I still remember it - some mascara, eye shadow and lipgloss, but I didn't actually get into foundations, blushers and bronzers until 18-19 something.

2. What is your opinion about plastic surgery? Would you ever do it?
- Hmmm - serious question! For me this is a very individual choice. If someone is unhappy about their appearance and it's effecting them to the degree that it's preventing them from living a happy and fulfilled life, then plastic surgery could be an option - together with maybe talking to someone to address that. But I also don't think that it's something that should be undertaken lightly. Plastic surgery is a serious, risk filled option and should be considered and properly discussed with your loved ones´and professionals, thoroughly researched and you should only go to well known and reputable surgeons. 
3. What do you use everyday makeup/beauty wise?
-  OK, here it goes, but these items are a minimum: moisturiser, eye cream, mascara, eye brow pencil, bronzer and a lip balm. If I'm having a bad skin day, concealer is a definite, so overall surprisingly low maintenance!

4. Who are your favorite designers?
- I love Italian designers, doesn't matter if it's completely OTT in leather and lace and animal print or really paired down, classic and glamorous. It's a tricky one but it would have to be Gucci or Dolce & Gabbana.

5. Favorite high-end/luxury make up brand & favorite drugstore/high-street brand?
- There are so many brands to choose from and they all have fabulous products on offer, but as a whole, I really enjoy Estée Lauder's products - skincare, make up, fragrance - they have items in almost every range that I really like. When it comes to drugstore/high street it would really depend on the product. E.g. some brands have strong nail products but are less great at mascara etc. But if I had to go for just the one it would be Rimmel - purely because of their fabulous lip products, and even if you wore no other make up - a great lip makes such a statement!

6. Who is your favorite blogger/youtuber?
- I'm a huge fan of Fleur de Force and Talk Becky Talk and enjoy every blog, vlog or video that they post, and when they pair up it's even more fun!

7. Whats your favorite colour for blush/lipsticks?
- My favourite blush is Coralista by Benefit, and the current favourite (at least most frequently used) amongst lipsticks is Bourjois Lip Crayon in Peach On The Beach. 

8. Who is your celebrity style icon/inspiration?
-  I've never really thought about this, and to be completely honest I don't think I have a style icon as such, and there are also different ways to be inspired by someone. But to keep it simple I would say Kate Moss - I love her confident rock chic, carefree and understated look. Very chic!

9. Heels or flats
- No doubt about this one whatsoever - Heels (and right now Him indoors is laughing his head off, since I have been known to go for a forest walk in heeled boots... well you never know who you're going to meet and you want to be LLL - lovely long legged!)

10. If you had to live your life with just one beauty product, what it would be?
- Since I have very blonde eye lashes it would need to be mascara, although it's a close call between that and eye brow pencil (having been in the sun a lot I look a bit like Mona Lisa at the moment, if I don't wear eye brow pencil)

11. Favourite perfume?
- This is very difficult for me because I'm a bit of a collector and I change my fragrances to suit my mood, clothes, weather, occasion - you name it and I have a reason for it. At the moment though I am completely obsessed by Alien Aqua Chic, it is so sparkling and AMAZING!

That was that about me - now here are my 11 questions and the bloggers I nominate:

1. Favourite nail polish?
2. Product you would really like to try?
3. Beauty product you know you really should use, but can't be bothered?
4. Favourite skin care brand?
5. What inspires you?
6. BB Creams - Bleeding Brilliant or Boring Blah?
7. Where would you go on your dream holiday?
8. Favourite drugstore/high street  mascara?
9. Beauty product you will never buy again?
10. First perfume you ever got?
11. Most hyped product that you don't agree with?

 I'd love to hear from: 
Kate from Simplicity
Cynthia from CDel Beauty
Rebecca from RebeccaLouise-Beauty
Alicia from Makeup Mama
Gemma from Nails, Bling and Pretty things
Kay from Makeup for breakfast
Emily from Trial and Error Beauty
Jackie from FiveTwo Certified
Crystal from All That Beauty
Crystal M from Everything Beauty
Angelika from Oh Hey Angie


  1. hahaha...you got nominated by 3!!! :P
    following you girl!!.. (bloglovin,here & G+)

  2. Hey Doll, I just saw this a minute ago, I want to thank you so much in thinking of me, I really do appreciate this a whole lot. You don't even have an idea of how much it really does. I am going to get to work on this very soon. Thanks again, Cyndi

  3. I enjoyed reading this :-)


    1. Thank you so much, it's so great to get feedback from people :o)!

  4. Enjoyed reading this as well! Also, I'm following you on all fronts now! xx



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