Monday, 8 July 2013

Gatineau Renew laser 7 day cure

I am a very keen reader of blogs and watch vlogs far too often during the day, and love to discover new skincare products. I am however always surprised that there isn't more mentioning of Gatineau, which is an amazing label. Some may think it's a salon label only, but you can also get it on QVC or on some of the usual beauty junkie haunts like

Having tried several Gatineau products before and loving them, I couldn't resist trying this fairly new product. This little gem is the Gatineau Renew Laser 7 day cure, and it claims to give an intense smoothing effect in 7 days achieving a "botox like" result, that should be the equivalent of a very intense program of facials, over a short period of time. The instructions say that the treatment is so intense that you should really only use it for 7 days, 2-3 times a year.

Like most serums you apply it morning and night before using your usual moisturiser. I found the formula slightly thicker than other serums, with a pleasant spa-like scent that was easily absorbed into the skin - and it got additional pretty points for the sweet lilac colour. I used it rigorously morning and evening for 7 days, and at the end of the treatment my skin felt soft, smooth, firm and very radiant - as if it had been "rebooted".

I would thoroughly recommend this as a special treatment a few times a year. I was a bit worried about the description that says "resurfaces" the skin, but I didn't find it harsh in any way and it didn't cause any breakouts either.

It is a bit more costly than some treatments at £49, however after 7 days use (4 pumps every am and pm) I still have half the bottle left, for later on this year. Also if you think about it, it's less expensive than most facials. If you've never tried Gatineau before - give this a go, it's a super introduction to the brand and you won't be disappointed.

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