Monday, 29 July 2013

Dynamic Duo

There are different ways to colour match - you can either pair colours that are each others opposites in a colour wheel e.g. orange and blue (sounds ridiculous I know, but works oh so well) or go for shades that are similar to each other. But there's something about a perfectly matched lipstick and nail polish in the same hue, that just screams groomed and lady like. And don't think twin sets and pearls - instead, combine it with a really casual outfit like boyfriend jeans and a grey t-shirt. If you on top of that go for a classic vibrant red combo, your look can be the height of cool, sleek and chic in a relaxed, nonchalant and modern way.

Many labels provide products that are intended to be paired, but of course you often find items from completely different labels that happen to create a perfect pair - a dynamic duo, and for me Rimmels Apocalips Lip Lacquer and Estée Lauder's Pure Color Nail Lacquer is an example of that.

I've talked about the Apocalips range from Rimmel before (The pink edition) but to be honest I can sing its praise several times over. In the UK we've had it for a while now, so it's far from a new product, but every time I wear one of the amazing colours it's as if it's a new discovery. It never seizes to amaze me how great the formula is - rich and intense but also satiny and lustruous. This shade is Big Bang which is perfect for a vivid clear red, almost scarlet, statement lip. You do need to be careful when you apply this - don't get too much colour on the applicator, or you'll have a big job on your hands to fix any bleeding or smudging. Been there, done that - don't want to do it again, thank you very much!
Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquer - Big Bang

I am a big fan of Estée Lauder nail polishes, and have given a good loving home to six of them so far. From the chunky glass bottle with the gleaming gold, to the sleek reflecting finish - I love everything about them. They are so opaque and glossy with the most amazing coverage and are simply lovely to apply and wear. This shade - Pure red, is a classic and ravishing red (with hints towards scarlet, just like the Apocalips) with a wonderful sharp brilliance to it. Very retro!

The nail polishes are supposed to give a high shine finish, making an additional top coat unnecessary, but at least for me the shine isn't quite there, so in the photos I have a top coat on as seen in the photo.
Estée Lauder Pure Color Nail Lacquer - Pure Red

Keep an eye on the Estée Lauder website - not only do they offer free delivery and 2 samples with every order, but they also have on-line exclusive products and shades that you won't find anywhere else.

I must admit that I don't do matchy matchy myself very often, but just like Batman and Robin this dynamic duo definitely packs a punch (KPOW)!


  1. Nail color looks good.

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  4. It's a gorgeous red, I really recommend it :o)

  5. I love that lip colour, it's a perfect red with a nice shine! Great post!

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    1. I love all the Rimmel Apocalips - they're absolutely amazing!

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