Sunday, 14 July 2013

My new BNFF (Best Nail Friend Forever)

As my friends know, I am very well acquainted with a lot of nail brands. In fact - I'm even on first name basis with a lot of them; Essie, Jessica, Sally, Barry and now ZOYA.

As so often happens with relationships these days, Zoya and I met over the internet last year. After a speed mani date we have quickly grown very close, our friendship is blooming and we now see each other as often as possible (sometimes even more than I see Him indoors, since he travels so much).

Zoya - Blu

First of all Zoya is very practical since she's equipped with a good wide brush that makes her so easy to get along with and every application is a joy. The formula is nice and creamy so while 2 layers always give a nice opaque look, most of the time I find that one layer is enough. Zoya is also wonderfully good natured, and don't get chipped off very easily - she stays on for days before you'll start noticing the first signs of chipping. And lastly, Zoya's wardrobe is to die for with something from every colour of the rainbow, and as a polishaholic I want to try most of it on. 

The shade in the photos is Blu, which is a pastel but it has as a cool icy tint that keeps it very pure and clean looking without any green undertones, that distinguishes it from many of the baby blue and ice cream shades we've seen around this spring and summer.
Zoya really is a great nail polish, so why not make yourself a new nail friend?

I know that Zoya is available from some salons, but I get mine from Amaraya. They have a super range of shades and free delivery on all UK orders (and speaking from experience, they dispatch super fast) - what's not to like?


  1. I am obsessed with OPI, they really do last a long time, both on nails and in the bottle! But, I will admit I have yet to try a Zoya polish, but you have definitely persuaded me to order one! Such a great post, I love reading about nail products! xx

  2. Thank you so much for your feedback and for visiting! I love reading about nail polishes as well, after all there are so many to choose from, so recommendations are always good :o)


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