Monday, 8 July 2013

A new blog is born

Hello everyone! My name is Charlotte and I'm a beauty junkie from Hampshire. It's official! Everything  from budget buys to high end products, from nail polishes to perfumes, from new releases to tried and well loved old favourites - I LOVE IT ALL! And in my opinion you can't have too much of any of it, although I'm not sure that He indoors agrees, since my collection is now invading His sock drawer... oops - well, who needs socks anyway?!

I also love to read blogs and after much thinking decided that I would throw myself into the wonderful world of blogging to share my experiences and thoughts on some of the tempting beauty products out there. SO - here it goes....

But first of all, here's the boring bit - the Disclaimer:

I am not sponsored by anyone to give feedback and all the products listed have been bought and paid for by myself (unless stated otherwise), with my own hard earned cash.

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