Monday, 8 July 2013

Body Shop Bargains

Being a self confessed beauty junkie, I'm not likely to miss a good sale when it's on, particularly not when it gives me the opportunity to stock up on my beloved body butters - and what better place to go to than Body Shop.

I managed to get my hands on no less than 4 body butters and shower gels. But in my defense, some of it is going in the gym bag, some of it is for when we have guests, and some of it is for... well, a rainy day I guess.

The blueberry shower gel & body butter smell quite rich with a sweeter undertone that somehow reminds me a little of the Dewberry range (oh, nostalgia!!!), while the raspberry products are so yummy - perfect for a morning shower followed by a fruity smoothie. I'd never tried the cherry butter before but was delighted to give it a go since I usually really like cherry fragrances. It leaves your skin feeling deeply moisturised, like all the body butters however it does smell a bit synthetic and I don't think this will be a favourite of mine.

For me the real bargain was the sweet lemon body butter and shower gel. I've had them both before and they have a subtly zesty lemony fragrance without being too sharp. It's brilliant for warm summer days for that refreshed feeling, or why not save them for later on in the year to remind you of summer.

To finish it all off I couldn't resist getting a candle - Jasmine and White Frangipani. I know that for some people Jasmine can be a bit overwhelming, but for those who love it, like myself it's truly one of the best jasmine candles out there. Even without lighting it, there's a lovely scent that lingers in the room.

Some of these items may have sold out already, but if you hurry up you'll still be able to get some absolute bargains before the Body Shop Sale finishes.

Happy hunting!


  1. Oh I love the body butters from The Body Shop :) really hydrating and they smell delicious x

    1. Hi Ana, thank you so much for visiting :o). I love them as well, and there's no such thing as having too many of them :o). Hope you will come and visit again soon! Xx

  2. I haven't tried the lemon before but I love the body shop and lemon sounds just perfect for me... yum! I will have to keep it in mind for future sales :)

    1. I love the lemon so much, I've even found a nice Jo Malone perfume to go with it :O). Xx


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