Sunday, 28 July 2013

Lashes of Lashes

Unless you are lucky enough to be born with Disney heroine-like long lashes, most of us have probably tried all sorts of products that promises increased volume and length - I know I have! After much trial and error I have settled on a product that at least for me works miracles - L'Oréal's Renewal Lash Serum. 

Here comes the science bit: The serum contains Arginine, an amino acid that allegedly helps to stimulate growth, and Centella - a medicinal plant known for it's healing and soothing qualities. Together they promise to fortify and nourish your lashes. 
The product looks very much like a clear, thicker consistency mascara, and with the curved brush you apply it exactly the same way as you would a mascara - on both your upper and lower lashes. I use this mainly in the evening as an overnight treatment, although you can also wear it under mascara during the day. Personally I'm not so keen on that, since I apply generously and it takes a few mins for the silky serum to set and dry completely. I have tried it during the day and if you're willing to wait for the serum to dry, you will find that it works as an eyelash primer that really thickens your lashes, giving a nice volumised and lengthened finish when you've applied your mascara.
For me this really works and while I noticed almost straight away that the lashes feel more conditioned, strong and smooth - making mascara application very easy, the longer term effect of lovely long lashes that I'd had been hoping for appeared after a few weeks. I've been using this for about 18 months and am now working on my 3rd serum. I'm very happy with the effect it's had on my lashes and would definitely recommend this serum, and yep - it's got to be said: You are SO worth it!

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