Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Do first impressions last? - Origins Modern Friction

My skin has definitely taken a bit of a beating lately. As much as I love being outdoors in the summer (wearing sunscreen of course!!), it's inevitable that my skin will go through a phase of not quite knowing what to do. One minute it feels dehydrated and next minute it goes oily with the occasional breakout - but then again I guess it is a lady's right to change her mind.

Using an exfoliator a few times a week helps to balance my skin, so when my Clarins One-Step Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser finished (see July Empties post) and I needed a replacement product I turned my eyes to another super brand when it comes to natural skin care, using only organic ingredients and 100% natural essential oils - Origins.

I decided on Modern Friction, which is marketed as Nature's gentle dermabrasion. I have only tried it a few times now so in a way this is about first impressions, and you know what they say - it counts and it only takes a few seconds for someone to make their mind up, so no pressure right?! 
I really like the packaging of this limited edition; it's cute, fresh, colourful and completely captures Origins values and commitment to the environment. Personally I think that the standard packaging of Origins products could do with some snazzying up and I find this much more appealing. 

First of all - when you apply the scrub (and you don't need a lot of it), you instantly sense the aromatic, clean and herbal typical spa scent, so we're off to a great start! Secondly you'll notice that the consistency isn't coarse like some exfoliating or dermabrasion products where it feels as if you're cleansing your face with gravel... ouch! Here the exfoliating element is rice starch which gives a gentle smoothing effect. You can massage it on to either dry or damp skin, and personally I prefer it on damp skin since it develops into a lovely thick and creamy texture, similar to some masks and I was even tempted to leave it on since it felt so nourishing and soothing. Rinse away with lots of water and follow with whatever toner you use.

The effect is noticeable straight away - your skin is soft, feeling impossibly clean and radiant, which is probably the effect of the lemon oil in the product. Even though I'm lucky enough to not have very sensitive skin I usually get a little bit rosy cheeked after an exfoliation, but there's been no redness or irritation to be seen. My first impression is overwhelmingly positive - I am so SO happy with this product and would recommend it for all skin types, even sensitive!

Sometimes you have to revisit your first impressions and be big enough to change your opinion either for the better or for the worse, but I have a feeling that won't be necessary in this case.

Order from the Origins website where you'll get free standard delivery as well as some goodies and they always have some great offers on!

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