Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Lily-Flame Candles - Fairy Dust & Sweet Pea

Makeup by Candlelight... the clue is in the name... I love candles and tend to have one in almost every room to surround myself with scent. It doesn't matter which time of year it is, there will always be a candle burning somewhere. In the summer I tend to go for more floral and fruity scents, and when the weather changes for the worse I move on to spicy, warm and richer scents.

There are so many wonderful candles out there in many price ranges and some of my favourites, but you don't see them mentioned very often, are the ones from Lily-Flame Candles. They have a great range of scents for any occasion in either scented tins, or room sprays and reed diffusers.

This time around I went for an "old friend" - Fairy Dust and also took a chance on a scent I haven't tried before - Sweet Pea. I've lost count of how many tins of Fairy Dust I've bought, but I just can't resist the sweet, slightly powdery and sparkly fragrance - it puts me in such a good mood! It reminds me of Lush's Snow Fairy, and with 35 hrs of burn time, it's a steal at £8.50 (same for all the scented tins). 

I haven't lit the newbie Sweet Pea yet, but in the tin it doesn't have the genuine sweet pea smell that you would find in e.g. Bath & Body Works Sweet pea fragrance and that I was hoping for. But fingers crossed it'll be a soft, floral - perfect for summer time. 

Another thing that I love about the candles is how pretty they look, like little candy marshmallow creations - almost too pretty to burn.

I'm sure you can buy Lily-Flame Candles in many places all over the country, but I get mine directly from the Lily-Flame website, or from my local Waitrose!

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