Monday, 22 July 2013

The thing that is a positive must is a little bit of Pixie Dust!

One of my most loved stories as a child was Peter Pan, and my favourite character was of course Tinkerbell. How could it not be? She shows up out of nowhere rocking that little green dress, spreads a little magic and amazing things happen! I used to dream about having some pixie dust, but now I don't have to anymore - courtesy of my BNFF Zoya.
Zoya Pixie Dust - Stevie

From Zoya's Pixie Dust Summer 2013 Collection comes Stevie - a magnificent sweet dreamy lilac shade that creates a gorgeous matte AND sparkly finish. I can't think of anything more fantastic nail wise than the Pixie Dust collection. Gone are the days when you have to decide - hmmm is it a day for matte or sparkly polish.... oooh decisions decision. Why compromise? - have them both!!!

Now I have to be very clear - this is not a polish that you sweep on and you're good to go. Nooo - in all fairness the polish does dry very quickly but this is a process that must be savoured, because the trick to getting that amazing effect is in the layering. If you're going to do it - do it right and respect the pixie dust! That means at least 3 layers and for me sometimes even 4, depending on how matte I want it.

You will end up with an incredible finish and you might find like me, that you can't stop looking at your nails. I know that textured nail polish isn't everybody's cup of tea (some say it looks like concrete, but at least it's mega glam concrete), but speaking from my own experience - wearing this will get you sooo many compliments, and rightly so!!

So now I have the pixie dust and I sprinkle it about frequently, but I still can't fly like Tinkerbell - unless it's with some help from British Airways... Oh well - maybe I can at least get a cute little green dress and create some fairy magic anyway.


  1. looks lovely, what about the staying power does it chip soon ?

  2. They are soo pretty! For me the Pixie dust polishes always stay on for at least a few days before they start to chip, but I guess it also depends on what you do with your hands every day :o)


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