Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Nailing it in ombre

I know that we're in the middle of summer, and on top of it all we're enjoying a fantastic heat wave (yeeeaaay FINALLY) - but after having shown off my fingertips in every delectable pastel colour you can imagine, I thought I would mix it up a little.

We've seen ombre for hair and you could almost say that ombre is the new black, and even by The New Black when it comes to ombre nails. I know the adorable 5 colour sets are readily available in the US, however I haven't seen them or anything similar here in the UK.

But since I was feeling a bit creative I rummaged around in my stashes of nail polish and came up with a DIY version, which is very easy to do - just try and get 5 tonal shades in whatever colour you prefer that gives a nice gradient effect. And since life is far too short for only one colour on your nails, wearing ombre gives you an opportunity to go 5 in 1. 
Admittedly the colours I've gone for may be more suitable for autumn, but as much as I adore pastel nails it was time for a change.

Here are the nail polishes used from left to right (using at least 2 layers of each):

OPI - Suzi says da!
YSL - 21 Taupe Retro
Barry M - 310 Mushroom
Essie - Jazz
OPI - Sweet heart

Let there be Nail creativity!


  1. What a cool idea !!

    1. Hey Crystal! Thank you so much for visiting. Well I thought I would try it since it's difficult to get the ready made sets here in the UK :O). I just joined your blog as well - your illustrations are great! Please come back and visit again! X


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