Tuesday, 16 July 2013

MAC Lipstick - Please me

As a beauty junkie I'm almost ashamed to admit it, but up until very recently I was a MAC virgin. Not a single MAC product in my make up bag... outrageous really, when you think about it.

After much soul searching - after all was I ready for this next step? - I took the plunge and got myself my first ever MAC lipstick. What a momentous occasion - oh happy happy joy joy!

Going into a MAC store can be a bit overwhelming, because they have soooooooooo many products and colour shades to choose from. To the point that I (a seasoned shopper) almost get shopping catatonia and a severe attack of indecisiveness.... I think, but I'm not so sure....

But since it is summertime and let's face it, we all like a little bit of pastel, I honed in on the shade Please me. And it does - please me, that is. How accommodating!

The formula is very creamy so not only is it easy to apply but it seems to lock in moisture as well, making it pleasant to wear. I'll give it another thumbs up since it doesn't have that weird  "dusty" and powdery taste or smell like some other brands do. I've taken it for quite a challenging test drive the past week, and I am positively surprised at how well the lipstick has lasted during these scorching summer days  - while most lipsticks would have melted away this one stayed on like a real trooper, so we can also add long lasting to the list of great qualities.
MAC Please me

The shade Please me is a soft, feminine and classic light peony rose shade - gorgeous with a smokey eye, and what makes it different from a lot of the other lip products in my make up bag just now, is that it's matte, giving it a very natural but velvety finish. The swatch gives the impression that it's a quite intense shade - cerise with some blue undertones, but on your lips somehow mysteriously it is much more peachy and subtle.

I really like this product - can only say good things about it, and this pretty shade would also work well for most skin tones. This will not be the last time I get a MAC lipstick and I'm sure that if you are looking for a very specific shade that you haven't seen anywhere else, chances are that MAC will have it. However, they are £15 and since the high street at the moment is overflowing with great value lip products for well under £10, for me personally I think I'll be a bit selective with the products I do decide to get from MAC. 

Do you have a MAC favourite or could recommend a nice rusty red for autumn wear - let me know!


  1. Favorite MAC nude is Velvet Teddy which is also matte. I am also terribly fond of Cosmo. Ok, this list could go on and on but I'll just stop here. Also never throw out MAC packaging once you have used up the product. When you have 6 empties you can get a free MAC lipstick. Please me looks like a great color. I will have to add that to my wish list!

  2. Thank you so much for the recommendations and the tip! Just had a look and they both look amazing, but Cosmo wins that one for me I think :)

  3. gorgeous color :)

    i'm following u, feel free to follow my blog too

  4. Hi Annie - I'm following you on both your blog and on Bloglovin'. I love the photos from your trip and hope you had a great time :.

    Thank you so much for visiting!

  5. Hey dear you have a amazing blog .... And loved this review on mac lipstick...
    Keep in touch

    1. Hey Shreya - that's so lovely you, thank you it means a lot to me!! What a great way to start the day :o). I'm following your blog as well now and you've tempted me to get a MAC Blush :o). Hope you come and visit again :o). Xx


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